AURIGA 2019 – ARTWALK on the Arlberg

The lodestar at the beginning of the Artwalk

The sculpture AURIGA is the latest work to be presented on the ARTWALK in Lech. Positioned at the start of the gateway to the hotel of the same name, it now serves as the starting point of the impressive walk of art created by Gabriele Brunner. The Auriga constellation, clearly visible in the northern sky in winter, acts as an eponym for both the artwork and the hotel.

The depiction of the universe surrounding the Auriga constellation, which translates to “charioteer”, was a big challenge for the artist. Lines of heavy weathering steel run around the constellation with six balls of polished stainless steel. With neither beginning nor end, and despite its weight and power, the constellation appears to float.

The desire for perspective

Existence and semblance

The Auriga constellation, with its glowing star Capella, shines brightly in the wintery night sky. This third-brightest star in the northern sky is visible throughout the year. Unlike the other five stars of the charioteer, it never sets. But have the other stars disappeared, just because we cannot see them? A change in perspective would reveal everything.

Our hectic time either doesn’t allow us to take different perspectives or simply makes them unwanted. Decisions are expected far too quickly; changing sides every once in a while is rare. But different perspectives expand our mind and our horizons, resulting in a relaxed serenity that would be of infinite good to all of us.

“Perception is always a matter of perspective.”

Gabriele Brunner, 2019

Auriga constellation on the ARTWALK

The driver of talent

Like the legendary charioteer guiding his coach horses across the sky, every entrepreneur is required to lead his company through difficult times. For hotelier Ingo Strolz, the Auriga constellation is both an admonisher and consolatory leader. Unapproachable, invulnerable yet still only a minuscule part of the infinite. Big or small? A matter of perspective.


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