FIERY EARTH 2015 – ARTWALK on the Arlberg

Sculpture in the atrium – Hotel Auriga Lech

The second object by Gabriele Brunner came into being in the year after the installation of the sculpture STONES. The theme of the environment and how it is impacted by man came from hotelier Ingo Strolz himself. The Earth today is a global village, the actions of the people living on it determining the pain and well-being of the planet. The Alps are a particularly sensitive setting when it comes using and changing nature.

Gabriele Brunner surrenders Earth to the flames that symbolise our actions and deeds. The fire has two faces. As a blazing, warming fire it has a positive effect, as an all-consuming force it seems menacing and destructing. Like the flame, man carriers both properties within him. May the good flame never extinguish.

The fire – man’s soul

Keeping balance

The flames flicker aloft, are in movement and constant transformation. Our will and actions surround the planet, equally carrying and threatening it. Our destinies big and small, all our plans and struggles, our thoughts and habits surround Earth – how difficult is it to keep balance? Man carries the responsibility for this balance, the foundation and requirement for our existence. Confidence and getting along well with one another, genuine effort towards finding solutions, and the lust for a future worth living create the good fire that needs to be conserved.

Gabriele Brunner’s sculpture formidably illustrates the flames in constant motion and the planet Earth resting fragilely inside them.

“Our planet. So wonderful and unique, our living environment. A gift of God, our life. Let’s watch out that the fire never extinguishes.”

Stage on the ARTWALK in Lech

Giving the environment a voice

Ingo Strolz’ examination of the environment makes us aware of the multidimensionality of economic activity. Unlimited growth at the expense of the environment, that pollutes and destroys it, cannot be what the responsible person wants. Being a hotelier in a highly sensitive habitat, Ingo Strolz accepts the current challenges and turns them into a topic warranting discussion on his ARTWALK.


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