Artwork at Hotel Auriga am Arlberg

After the installation of the sculptures STONES 2014 and FIERY EARTH 2015, the idea for a sculpture park continued to grow among initiator Ingo Strolz and artist Gabriele Brunner. The third piece engages with one of the pre-eminent topics on the Arlberg, momentum. It is encountered trivially in the skiing winter as a swing in the deep snow or the rest stop, the so-called “Einkehrschwung”. The meta dimension of the term becomes visible in Gabriele Brunner’s sculpture in which she asks about momentum in life, broaches the issue of upswing and downswing, and introductions the term of vibrations.

The contrast between the column made of Corten steel and the sweepingly designed ribbons made of polished metal couldn’t be any stronger. Constant and individual momentum are directly effective metaphors for the way life goes.

The question about the condition

Momentum of life

How are you? This seemingly trivial question runs through all of life, as a greeting with friendly intention or a profound incitation for musings and reflections about one’s own will, action and letting alone. Am I on the upturn, full of passion and energy, or do I lack drive and give myself to the downfall completely demoralised? Using conscious perception, intuitively discernible momentum can frequently hint where the next swing will lead me.

Beyond internal sensitivities, the sculpture THE MOMENTUM also stands as a symbol for high elations while skiing on the Arlberg powder, during the perfect golf swing, elated swivel of the hips and the rest stop (“Einkehrschwung”), a crucial part of skiing in Lech.

“We move with momentum, upward or downward – digress or adapt, things run smoothly or pass corners – like our well-being or our daily perception.”

ARTWALK at Hotel Auriga in Lech

Nothing is anything without motion

The sculpture THE MOMENTUM not only evokes athletic associations with the Arlberg, the “cradle of alpine skiing”. Installed between the houses of Hotel Auriga in Lech, it also serves as a symbol for hotelier Ingo Strolz’ own entrepreneurial existence. Upswings and downswings, constant motion and sometimes even unexpected changes of direction are part of his life; keeping the momentum going is the true art.


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