Sculpture path at Hotel Auriga in Lech

With the fifth sculpture on the art path in Lech am Arlberg, Gabriele Brunner raises the question of the connection between innovation and tradition, and makes a statement with Ingo Strolz – “Tradition is the innovation of yesterday”. A chairlift that was dismounted to make way for a contemporary ski lift serves as the material for the artistic examination.

Artist Gabriele Brunner examines the value of the old and the option of supplementing existing structures with innovation, technology and material instead of replacing it with something new. As such, recycling isn’t just about the material, but also about ideas. Enhancing instead of discarding applies to material and non-material achievements. This way, innovation becomes tradition.

Preserving and enhancing

What was and will be

Two pillars stand here; one symbolises tradition, the other innovation. That what was and is preserved aspires to go upwards. But the new, different and still to be devised strives for the sky. Two principles, seemingly incompatible, are connected by a horizontal element. All of a sudden, old and new are no longer estranged, energy and ideas flow in both directions cross-fertilising one another. Which of today’s traditions are based on innovations of past times? The chairs of a historic cable car serve as food for thought.

The old as the foundation and prerequisite for the future, tradition as the essence of tried and tested innovation – Gabriele Brunner’s sculpture puts cause and effect in an awareness-raising light.

“Tradition has a meaning when it’s construed as a creative process of appropriation.”
Heinz Friedrich

Old and new on the ARTWALK in Lech

Valuation as the source of development

As a hotelier at one of the most rich-in-tradition places in the Alps, host Ingo Strolz constantly sees himself faced with the question what he can and should preserve in his business and what to modernise. Tradition lays the foundation, innovation provides the driving energy that wows guests. When both go hand in hand, authenticity arises – because those who know where they come from know where they want to go.


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