An artwork between fantasy and reality

The sculpture Generations is the latest work of Gabriele Brunner at the ARTWALK in Lech. The wish was to place the sculpture in the middle of the meadow – so the idea of a tree was obvious. But this one is not just a tree. There are the most different figures with different directions, groupings and appearances – generations. Every single figure, every branch, can be interpreted in its own way.

At first, the creation was a challenge for the artist, the execution was complicated. They should be sweeping fantasy figures and still represent a tree in the overall picture. From large and strong to small and filigree. With a mix of materials from heavy Corten steel and polished stainless steel, as heads of the figures, the realization has finally succeeded very well.

Lots of room for interpretation

Finding new strengths

The tree leaves much room for interpretation. That’s why Freddie Mercury’s request is fitting: “Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see…”. Question yourself – find your identity. Know your roots and find new strength in the depths of the past. What does the present look like? Is one satisfied or does one aspire to a different future? Would one like to enjoy new freedoms?

There are a lot of questions and even more, which you can ask yourself while looking at the sculpture. It could be real life, it could be fantasy – In the end you will find the one part of the artwork with whom you can identify.

“Is this the real life? Is this just Fantasy?
Caught in a landside, no escape from reality.“
Freddie Mercury

Bridge between past & future

Making connections and finding yourself

The desire of the Tyrolean artist is to interpret the tree for oneself. Everyone can be himself and still be part of the whole – generations. Therefore, in the end, you have to ask yourself the question: Where do I see myself? With GENERATIONS, at the ARTWALK in Lech, a sculpture was created that makes one reflect.


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