The ARTWALK in Lech am Arlberg

STAHL.H.ART sculpture path at Hotel Auriga

The ARTWALK in Lech am Arlberg was neither planned nor established as such. The art path, presenting a total of nine monumental sculptures, just came about and grew. Hotelier Ingo Strolz and artist Gabriele Brunner developed the ideas for these pieces of art in intense, personal conversations. The designs came from the multi-talented, gifted artist, realised in his own workshop in Pfunds.

The ARTWALK invites you to stop, to marvel, feel and think. Looking at the STAHL.H.ART sculptures raises big questions about one’s own self and becoming as well as human togetherness and the common route to joy, satisfaction and fulfilment. The steel-made sculptures look particularly impressive with the grand alpine view of the Arlberg as a backdrop.

Art on the mountain as stimulation

Art of space Hotel Auriga

Hotelier Ingo Strolz had been thinking for a long time about enriching the area around his Hotel Auriga in Lech am Arlberg with sculptures. The dimensions of the works amidst the energetic mountain scenery are significant: The monumental sculptures by Gabriele Brunner take effect in size and compactness, but also in the contrast of weight and seemingly floating delicateness.

The viewer can’t just “cold-shoulder” the works of art and the questions they raise. These pieces are just too present and encourage closer viewing and thinking; nine sculptures – nine inquires to everyone and all of humanity flowed into art. We invite you to discover the ARTWALK in Lech.

ARTWALK sculptures by Gabriele Brunner


Hard stones lying in the way as barriers or great obstacles are transformed into building blocks. Something negative is turned into something useful, the burden transforms into a meaningful task encouraging growth.

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Our actions determine the pain and well-being of our planet. Our passions flicker around Earth like flames carrying and threatening it at the same time. We alone bear the responsibility for our home.

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How am I? How is my personal momentum looking, where will the next turn take me and how do the vibrations that determine my life run? And what about ski turns full of relish in the Arlberg powder?

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What is my goal in life, have I already reached it or is it where I’ve always been, at home, in my homeland? Many paths lead to personal goals including many a detour.

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Old things are appreciated during transformation, thus gaining new significance. Not everything needs to be replaced by new things, but rather complemented: by ideas, innovation, technology or material.

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The big divisions in society, politics, religion and the economy are central issues of our time. Meeting divisiveness with more togetherness has a connecting, healing and constructive effect.

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Helmsman, wagoner – big and strong. The constellation in the northern sky. Its star, Cappella, the brightest and most beautiful, never goes down. And yet – small and inconspicuous next to the infinite power of the universe.

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Everybody can be himself and still be part of the whole – generations. What does my past look like, what does my future look like? Where do I see myself? In the end, one must question oneself to find one’s identity.

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PEACE 2023

Peace is more relevant than ever, and yet its value often seems to be lost. So how do you make peace, how do you overcome differences? The journey begins with yourself – peace begins in your own heart.

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Painter and sculptor

Artist Gabriele Brunner

The biography of Gabriele Brunner provides insights into the life and works of the artist based in Pfunds in Tyrol, whose monumental sculptures at the ARTWALK were produced in the own metal construction workshop.

When working with metal, the artist constantly encounters new challenges, which is why creative work on several levels is required when creating the sculptures.

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Hotel Auriga in Lech am Arlberg – home of the sculpture path ARTWALK: Look forward to warm hospitality in an exclusive ambiance, one of the largest spas on the Arlberg, exquisite gourmet cuisine and winter sports in the largest ski region of the Austrian Alps.


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