STAHL.H.ART artwork on the Arlberg

Divisions in society, politics, religion and economics visible throughout the world with discernible effects prompted artist Gabriele Brunner to realise these painful perceptions visually in a powerful and impressive manner. A big and hefty woodblock split into two pieces is displayed, with completely different parts being connected with one another in a fragile manner. What if the ropes holding the diverging factors together rip? When separated things become irreconcilable, is the ability for consensus become?

Gabriele Brunner’s perhaps most pensive sculpture on ARTWALK in Lech am Arlberg is an expression of the Tyrolean artist’s heart’s desire for more togetherness and less conflict – a fundamental wish for all mankind.

Together instead of against each other

Overcoming diversion

Viewing the sculpture creates the wish for unity, for healing and for staying healed. At the same time there’s the fear that the connecting elements become too weak, rip, everything falls apart. Where are the tears and cracks in my life? What connects me to people, places and ideas to which I have an ambivalent attitude? Which roads must I take, which words must I speak to create connections and thus healing?

Things that divide aren’t sugar-coated in Gabriele Brunner’s sculpture, but displayed unsparingly. Things that connect and their reinforcement are necessary, even indispensable to keep rips from growing, letting the dividing things become definite and determining.

“As long as humanity connects us, it doesn’t matter what separates us.”
Ernst Ferstl

Contemplating on the ARTWALK in Lech

Approaching one another and living better

The solidarity and the coexistance of people who have been living in the Alps for centuries were and are essential for survival. The individual doesn’t stand a chance without the village community. What applies to the mountain also applies to the “global village”, the networked world that is so full of division. Commissioner Ingo Strolz sees the sculpture DIVISION LINK as the central issue of our time.


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